I am currently working on the UMI3D project. The objectives of the this project are to simplify the collaboration between multiple and potentially asymmetrical devices in eXtented Reality (XR), and to enable the design of collaborative applications without a prior knowledge of user devices.


PhD Student in Human-Computer Interaction at Gfi Research.

PhD Student in Human-Computer Interaction in the IGG team at ICube laboratory.

Member of the French association for VR/AR/MR/3DUI AFRV.

First Author publications

Julien Casarin, Nicolas Pacqueriaud, and Dominique Bechmann. 2018. UMI3D : A Unity3D Toolbox to Support CSCW Systems Properties in Generic 3D User Interfaces. Proc. ACM Hum.-Comput. Interact. Download link

Julien Casarin, Dominique Bechmann, and Marilyn Keller. 2017. A unified model for interaction in 3D environment. VRST'17. Download link

Co-Author publications

Stan Larroque, Stan Larroque, Julien Casarin, Julien Casarin, } "PARA: experimental device for virtual and augmented reality", Proc. SPIE 10676, Digital Optics for Immersive Displays, 106761L (21 May 2018) view in SPIE DL